Persistence of Vision Display

POV display spins 360 degrees. The purpose of POV display project is to create a small apparatus that will create a visual using only a small number of LEDs as it spins in a circle. When the LEDs rotate several times around a point in less than a second, the human eye reaches its limit of motion perception and creates an illusion of a continuous image.

The pictures generated by the spinning LEDs are coordinated by an Arduino UNO microcontroller. A Hall Effect sensor is used in conjunction with a strong magnet so that the microcontroller can receive a reference point as to when it should start outputting the visual during each rotation. The RPM of motor, diameter of LED’s decides the POV phenomena.

  1. Arduino UNO
  2. Hall Effect Sensor
  3. Magnet Piece
  4. 8 Single Color LEDs
  5. 9V Battery with Arduino Cap
  6. 12V 1000RPM motor
  7. 10k ohm resistor
  8. 8 * 330 ohm resistors

Arduino Connections :

model.pngMy Model :

How does it produce letters?

To display a particular character, the LEDs would light at a certain time and produce a particular letter as shown above.

Have a look at my Propeller Clock :


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